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European Union law and policies

Consulting, advisory services on how a company operates in the Single European Market, as well as in selected third countries associated with EEN.

We help companies learn about applicable laws, directives, standards, etc., and understand how it may affect their business. We provide information on necessary standards, certifications, CE marking, etc. We provide information services tailored to individual customer needs. Their scope is determined during a meeting with company representatives.



Agnieszka Turyńska

tel. 71 320 41 87, e-mail: agnieszka.turynska@pwr.edu.pl

Marcin Haremza

tel. 71 320 41 94, e-mail: marcin.haremza@pwr.edu.pl

Marcin Jabłoński

tel. 71 320 43 39, e-mail: marcin.jablonski@pwr.edu.pl

Marta Wróbel

tel. 71 320 39 12, e-mail: marta.wrobel@pwr.edu.pl

Anna Pytel

tel. 71 320 41 86, e-mail: anna.pytel@pwr.edu.pl

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