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We offer services in the areas of innovation, technology, research and development, design technology, marketing, and intellectual property audits.

Innovation Audit

An innovation audit in a company is an opportunity to effectively assess the innovative potential available to the enterprise. It also points out the areas in which to look for innovation within the company, how to manage it, and how to use it to gain a competitive edge. An innovation audit may include:

  • Analysis of key processes in the company in terms of their functioning and innovative approach,
  • Analysis of the company’s position in the market in relation to suppliers, competitors, and customers,
  • Analysis of forms of cooperation with the environment,
  • Analysis of innovative activities,
  • Analysis of market development prospects,
  • Other areas determined individually with the Client.

The result of the audit is a report presenting the current level of innovation in the company, along with the possibilities for its development, conclusions, and directions and recommendations for further actions.

The innovation audit in the company is implemented as part of the Enterprise Europe Network West Poland project.

Technology Audit

A technology audit aims to identify areas in the company’s activities that require support and those that can become a basis for further development of the company.

The technology audit involves the identification of strengths and weaknesses of the company based on an assessment of human resources, infrastructure, and basic know-how. It is also a method of assessing the company in terms of technological potential, applied procedures, and potential needs. The scope of the technology audit may include:

  • Analysis of the company’s economic situation,
  • Analysis of key technologies used in the company,
  • Analysis of the sources of technology and the degree of their usage,
  • Analysis of the production process, existing and potential technological problems,
  • Analysis of the company’s operations compared to industry standards,
  • Analysis of human resource potential,
  • Analysis of the technological profile of the company compared to the competition,
  • Analysis of the research and development area,
  • Other areas determined individually with the Client.

The result of the audit is a report presenting the current state of the company in terms of its technological development, along with directions for the development of the company, conclusions, and recommendations for further actions.

Research and Development Audit

A research and development audit is an opportunity to assess a company or a Research Team in terms of its participation in national and international research programs and projects, and technologies available for commercialization. It is also an evaluation of the intellectual property potential, the patent environment, or the competence of employees in terms of generating new ideas. The research and development audit may include:

  • Analysis of the company in terms of conducted research and research infrastructure,
  • Analysis of the research team’s potential,
  • Analysis of the financial model,
  • Analysis of intangible and legal values owned by the organization,
  • Analysis of the company’s potential for implementing national and international research projects,
  • Other areas determined individually with the Client.

The result of the audit is a report presenting the current research level of the company, along with the possibilities for its utilization, conclusions, and directions and recommendations for further actions.

Design Technology Audit

A design technology audit is a new form of audit in Poland, not regulated by law and not strictly controlling. It is primarily a method of assessing a company in terms of awareness, resources, and the use of industrial design and practices related to visual identification, its potential, applied procedures, and realized and unrealized needs.

The aim of the design technology audit is to create a list of recommendations useful for the company in its daily operations, especially in activities related to broadly understood design and visual identification. It is very important for entrepreneurs to be aware of the importance of design and visual communication for the competitiveness of their company, especially in foreign markets, where design plays a much larger role than in Poland. A design technology audit may include:

  • Awareness of design in the company,
  • Resources for design,
  • The place and role of design in company operations,
  • Visual identification used by the company,
  • Implementation of a new design project.

Marketing Audit

A marketing audit is an assessment of the communication conducted by the brand. A marketing audit includes communication materials that the brand uses in its message to its consumers. The audit evaluates elements of visual identification such as the logo, as well as communication in terms of graphic, linguistic, and technical aspects of other materials: website, printed information materials, ATL communication (e.g., TV spot, radio ad, press advertisement) and BTL activities (online activities and their forms – owned social media profiles, mailing, remarketing, use of data from Google Analytics, display campaigns, etc.).

The aim of the audit is to examine and determine what message is created for customers by the used communication materials, what image of the brand they create, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the used communication materials, and how the brand can use them in a more effective way to achieve the set goals.

Intellectual Property Audit

An intellectual property audit is a systematic and thorough review of owned and acquired intellectual assets. A formal intellectual property audit serves two main purposes:

  • Identification and assessment of owned assets,
  • Forecasting and management of risks that can be associated with owned intellectual properties of the enterprise.


Other thematic audits are agreed individually.

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